Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution.  It is a process which allows parties to a dispute to attempt to work out their own resolution of their dispute, with the help of a neutral facilitator, known as a mediator. The role of the Mediator is not to practice law, provide any legal advice or make any rulings or decisions as to the outcome of a dispute, but rather to assist the parties to come to their own resolution of the situation.  Jay Rothlein is certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate Civil, non-family law disputes, which are pending in Florida Circuit Courts or which have not been filed, but involve subject matter and an amount in controversy, which would be properly pending in a Florida Circuit Court, if filed.  Mediations can be held in our office or Mr. Rothlein can travel to mediate at a mutually convenient location.  There is no additional Travel charge to any location within Miami-Dade County.  For information on rates and scheduling, please call 305-532-2250 or send an e-mail to