Probate is the process of identifying and collecting all the assets of a deceased to pay them out according to the Last Will and Testament (if any) of the deceased or if none, according to Statute.

Jay Rothlein, Attorney at Law, represents Estates, beneficiaries, and heirs of Estates.  In addition to serving as counsel for the Personal Representative(s) of Estates, Mr. Rothlein can assume the responsibility of serving as Personal Representative, should the client(s) so desire.

In order to ensure that your assets will pass according to your wishes upon your death, rather than according to Statute, it is necessary that you have a valid Last Will and Testament executed with the formalities required by Florida Law.

If you would like to contact us regarding the drafting of a Last Will and Testament or the Probate of an Estate, please click on the Probate Questionnaire link.

Probate Questionnaire